Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation

The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation is published three times a year by the Canadian Evaluaton Society (CES) (under the international standard serial number ISSN 0834-1516). It seeks to promote the theory and practice of program evaluation in Canada by publishing:

  • Articles on all aspects of the theory and practice of evaluation, including methodology, evaluation standards, implementation of evaluations, reporting and use of studies, and the audit or metaevaluation of evaluation.
  • Research and Practice Notes that provide practical examples of the applications of particular methodologies or procedures within the context of a particular study or group of studies.
  • Addressing Challenges in Evaluation Practice is a section of the journal is devoted to the presentation of real-life cases by evaluation practitioners. We encourage submissions that highlight challenges encountered in evaluation design, conduct, reporting, knowledge transfer and utilization.
  • Book Reviews of relevance to the practice in Canada.

Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation



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John Mayne
Shayna A. Rusticus, Linda N. Peterson, Chris Y. Lovato
Kate Svensson, J. Bradley Cousins

Practice Note

Bernard-Simon Leclerc, Sabrina Lessard
Kelly McShane, Noemi Katona, Elisabeth Leroux, Reena Tandon
Brendan Andrade, Susan Elbe, Nancy L Schmidt, Dianna Thomson-So
M. Elizabeth Snow, Michelle Urbina-Beggs, Tamara Van Tent